With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world plunged into a new, unknown age. Where are we today? We stand here – on the scar of the present – to map it again and again.

Gap Dynamics is a public research project. It consists of 6 walking routes along the former Berlin Wall which are being visited again and again in the course of a year. The Wall and Death Strip plots were nationalized after 1989 and the most of the inner-city plots were sold then to the highest bidder. The former border between East and West has thus became a spectacle of commoditization, finanzialisation, hyper-gentrification and entropy …
During the walks we observe and discuss all the different types of flows in the urban space – material, financial, social, vegetable, sonic, linguistic – and their sedimentations. Gap Dynamics sets a social choreography in motion and generates alternative narratives about the city and its current transformation processes. The project maps the power shifts and searches for still existing spaces of participation.
Participation is open for interested people. A blog records the traces of each walk.

Duration: January – December 2019

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16. January 2019