After the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a new era suddenly began: the beginning of a seemingly post-ideological, post-utopian, post-political and even post-historical age. Back then, when the history was thought to have ended, there was no clear idea of ​​how to handle the Wall, the broad “Death Strip”, the wasteland that appeared in the middle of the city. At the beginning of the 21st century, various initiatives led to establishing of the so-called Wall Trail as a public memorial space on the site of the former Wall. Nevertheless, the actual scar tissue of the former Wall became a theater of entropy. Where does the idiosyncratic proliferation of pseudo-urbanity of financialized housing development in the central city districts and scrub encroachment, afforestation or excessive increase of certain species on the border between city and countryside lead to?

The series of city tours along the former Wall not only deals with the past and present of the city, but also with its future. For over a year, we will collectively observe and document the gap dynamics: the planned and unplanned processes induced by people as well as by non-human city dwellers, with which the historical open space increasingly closes and reveals the structural change of the city.

Concept and facilitation: Jagna Anderson
in cooperation with p.u.r.e. – performative urban research ensemble

Jagna Anderson, Ph.D., art historian, curator, has been active in Berlin since 2015 as a multidisciplinary artist. Anderson’s artistic practice extends the notion of choreography / composition to the instigation of open, collective and generative processes in urban space. Anderson is part of the collectives: – performative urban research ensemble, WAH (dance, experimental music, digital arts), GANG (dance), Dona Jagdi (vocal composing / performance).
Route *1: theater of gentrification

The route leads from the divided to hyper-divided city.
Between Zimmerstraße and Moritzplatz. From the concepts and realizations of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in (West) Berlin 1977-1987 (“Careful Urban Renewal” and “Critical Reconstruction”) and Aldo Rossi’s Facade Patchwork in the Schützenstraße district, over the Springer area to the financialized housing construction of the 21st century in the northern Luisenstadt.

Time: 24 January 2019 / 4pm
Meeting point: corner Wilhelmstr. / Zimmerstr.
Registration welcome at
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16. January 2019