JAGNA ANDERSON is an interdisciplinary artist and art historian/ curator. She lives and works in Berlin.

Currently I am working to decode power flows in urban space by means of participatory formats, public research, and minor gestures. I instigate and choreograph generative processes and micro-utopian encounters. I explore the political agency of sound and especially of human voice to create new forms of collaboration and post-human solidarity.

p.u.r.e. – performative urban research ensemble
DONA JAGDI – with Dodi Helschinger
WAH (Weber – Anderson – Helschinger) – multidisciplinary art collective
GANG ensemble
IIIF – International Interdisciplinary Improvisation Festival / research group

a research and production platform for non-disciplinary real-time arts – since 2015, together with Dodi Helschinger

// From: Gap Dynamics *5.2. Improperties & Appropriations