// Voices, cries, tears, thunderings, rumblings, whistles and crashes, breaths, blasts, grindings, blows, chains and beats, cracklings and sounds, growling and waves, moans that die away … the river of noise carries along a thousand tonalities.
(Michel Serres, Genesis) //

In this experimental choir project, we discover the vocal sound as a material (sonic) flow that precedes us and transcends our individual voices. Accordingly, the ear is the main instrument. Listening is learned in its many interrelationships with the environment and the body (its position, aligment, motility and movement) and as part of the functional circuit between ear and larynx. The self-organization of the sound is in the foreground of our interest and we are surprised by the music that arises between us and the urban noise environment.
We work with movement, touch, recording device and common reading of texts about listening, noise, sound, flow, multiples and mingled bodies (i.a. by Michel Serres and Pauline Oliveros).

17 May – 12 July 2019

4. April 2019