On the base of collages by Hannah Höch visual artist Martina Janßen and her performers created a choreography between body, music and drawing in the three dimension space. Martina created drawings on the spot, in front of the audience and projected on a projector in the space. The music by Michal Talma-Sutt consists of a sound collage and the moving human body are the lively expressive material. All three moments: the drawings, the human body and the music relate to each other and have their own life. They meet and create new visual images based on the coincidences in the unplanned gap and in between – a Dadaistic world of construction and deconstruction.
concept, direction, live drawing – Martina Janßen
performance – Jagna Anderson, Gosia Gajdemska, Dorota Porowska, Momo Sanno, Iwona Wojnicka
music – Michal Talma-Sutt

premiere: 10 September 2016, Teatr Akademia, Warszawa (Poland), in the scope of 291. Dynamics of Chaos.

Pictures by Marcin Woloszczak