this video-choreography project is a result of a durational instant composition session of three performers and a videographer.
The session explores body-mind states inspired by olfactory perception within the frame of a time-score. While playing with simultaneous or overlapping phrasing of sound, movement and stillness the performers examine the subtle reticulations of time and space, and question the possible role that the limbic and subcortical processing of sensory data may play in this process.

performance: Anja Weber, Dodi Helschinger, Jagna Anderson

camera: Katharina Hauke
cut: Mila Chiral
WAH is the name for collaborative work of Anja Weber (aka Mila Chiral), Jagna Anderson and Dodi Helschinger. Since 2016 WAH keeps criss-crossing various artistic fields and creating new polyphonies out of dance, acoustic and electronic music, vocal performance, poetry, video and installation. WAH explores intersections between (female*) body and its different multi sensorial and cultural contextualizations.
recorded in STUDIO 2 / Internationales Theaterinstitut/Mime Centrum Berlin 2016