a triptych for voice, viola da gamba, harpsichord, dance and 3D poetry on three poems by Éric Sarner

Éric Sarner – poetry and voice
Jagna Anderson – choreography/ staging
Gabriel Santander – composition/ sound design
Anja Weber – dance

Heidi Gröger – viola da gamba
Marija Pendeva – harpsichord

Eric Sarner / Poetry and Voice

Here are three poems. Would I take the risk to comment them? Denying them as poems? They appeared separately while I was alone, somehow unconscious. They now form a single three-phase unit. Gaining the generosity of other creators, they discovered new dimensions. Let’s dig deeper, then! Let’s dig higher!

Gabriel Santander / Composition and Sound Design

Sarner’s poems become sound through his own voice in an abstract stereo setting, but also through their reading as a score, as cues for the instrumental composition to explore the historical Harpsichord and Gamba by leafing through its parts, by imagining them as something more, other, and finally by questioning their place today.

Jagna Anderson / Choreography and Staging

Let’s start with a page, a piece of printed paper: folding and unfolding the poem’s body. Moving in-between the materiality of paper, the typeface anatomy and the sound of the spoken word, the dance keeps searching for textures, fractures, frequencies and resonators. The white space, the negative space is trembling.



drei D poesie is a project of Haus für Poesie
in cooperation with the Ensemble KNM Berlin, dance-aarts-cie., Ensemble Komboï and Uferstudios Berlin,
supported by
Land Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa