The core of this project, developed by a computer musician, improviser and composer Korhan Erel, and performer Jagna Anderson, is setting of a multi-perspective spatial and sonic structure, which will keep developing, evolving, growing for about 40 minutes.

We are creating an environment of polyrhythmic and cyclical temporality, consisting of pulsating, vibrating, fluid textures, in which sensory bodies and digital technology are intimately yet paradoxically interwoven.

Korhan’s approach to sound performance comes from the idea of spreading the work surface / musical set-up over a larger space, limiting the electronic musicians accessibility to their devices, disabling multitasking, letting go of control. The devices become plants, which the gardener attends one at a time on the periphery of the garden. Korhan opens up a space for Jagna in his workspace instead of having dance outside it as a separate entity.

The sounds range from urban recordings to spoken text and pre-made sound collages and short loops. Live manipulation is sparse, but there.

Jagna’s is working since several years on mapping the inner movement of the sensory body. One of her main tools are using her own voice and the sensitivity of the larynx for the feedback loops of inner vibration and pulsation.
In “A garden” she works on adapting this line of work for the interaction with digitally generated sounds. She focuses on textures and on external as well as internal surfaces of the body in dialogue with the textures of the sound. As the sounds captures the range between highly evocative qualities and idiosyncratic textures and rhythms, Korhan and Jagna are exploring the possibilities and the limits of embodiment of digital sound.

“A garden” is an intimate space, defined but porous between inside and outside, as well as porous between organic matter and synthetic structures.

11 June 2016 | 20:00 | Mime Centrum Berlin


Jagna & Korhan rehearsing, stills from video by Cagdas Dinc