concept/performance: Jagna Anderson
video: Roberto Duarte

Several month of processing historical records about the mediaeval mystic and recluse Dorothy of Montau created a post-digital multi dimensional storage. This storage, partially embodied, partially utilising other materials, is the base for the durational performance and space installation. The voice is being used as an archaeological tool while the vocal composer/performer for three hours is exploring the materialities and immeasurabilities of her strange alter ego.

Realised in the frame of “Polenbegeisterungswelle” – Cultural Topographies of Polish Berlin, 7 – 21 October 2017 Berlin, a project of agitPolska e.V. – Polnisch-Deutsche Initiative für Kulturkooperation and ARTUM Foundation ewa partum museum,supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) and by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation


concept/performance: Jagna Anderson & Dodi Helschinger
video: Roberto Duarte

SUNDOGS refers to Nebensonnen, one of the last songs of Franz Schubert’s Winterreise (op. 89, no 23), in which The Wanderer sees three suns in the sky. The suns he desires are the illusory ones, the parhelia, the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere …
The question erises how the pain of loss and longing are supported by illusions. Anderson/Helschinger are surveying traces, which 9/11 – the “Mother of all Events” (Baudrillard) – has left in their body archive and, 15 years later, re-reading the simulacra debate of those days. Using open source historical sound material from 9/11 attacks, SUNDOGS plays with paradoxes of images and of voices in form of a minimalistic vocal performance and processual installation.



13 Dec |
Acker Stadt Palast | Tanzen vor Weihnachten | a festival of contemporary dance

a group identity – a way of walking
concept – María Ferrara
performance – Jagna Anderson, María Ferrara, Evan Foster, Susanne Soldan, Andrew Wass, Jonas Wentritt, Peti Costa

5 January 2018
DNA – Streichquintett – Ensemble Medulla at Kunsthaus KuLe

10 – 11 February 2018 | Ufer_Studios | 3D Poesie
«Un lieu est incompréhensible si on ne comprend pas son mouvement»

Éric Sarner, Poetry and Voice
Jagna Anderson, Choreography, Staging and Performance
Gabriel Santander, Composition and Sound Design
Anja Weber, Dance

Heidi Gröger, Viola da Gamba
Marija Pendeva, Harpsichord