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WAH | weber – anderson – helschinger | where is my when | a multi sensory performance
at Internationales KlangKunstFest 2017
14 Sept | Bibliothek in Louisenbad

ensemble medulla
– a double concert-performance in the frame of Fieldnotes:::a Month of Contemporary Music
24 Sept | UrbanRaum Kreuzberg
26 Sept | Alpha Nova – Futura Gallery

“Polenbegeisterungswelle” – a new cultural topography of Polish Berlin
curated by Jagna Anderson, Iwona Bigos, Berenika Partum
supported by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation und the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


opetanie//oslupienie – obsession//stupor
– a durational composition for solo voice, space and bandage about the possibility and impossibility to raise my voice on behalf of a woman, who chose to die in a walled-in cell;
part 1. the archive, part 2. the witness