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studio bLAU

21. May 2017 @ 19:00 - 22:00

studio bLAU is a space for performative close encounters
our delicate menu for the evening is:

maría ferrara – voice // nikolaus kirstein – piano // strange attractor
jagna anderson – voice // beat/a
dodi helschinger – e-guitar // erratic repetition no. 1

lentil salat
asparagus salat
strawberry punch

Nikolaus Kirstein – piano
María Ferrara – voice

Strange Attractor
An attractor is a set of states towards which a dynamic system tends to evolve, for a wide range of initial conditions of the system. If a dynamic system is chaotic, small changes of its initial condition may lead to significantly different future trajectories. In some chaotic systems, different initial conditions produce trajectories that may diverge arbitrarily from each other before eventually evolving towards a similar state. These systems are said to have a strange attractor. Systems with a strange attractor are locally unstable yet globally stable: once a trajectory has entered the attractor, nearby states may diverge significantly from one another but never leave the attractor.

jagna anderson

i wish to share a part of my current research for the solo project opetanie/oslupienie (possession/petrification). inspired by descriptions of embodied mystical experience of medieval women i am focusing on the idea of burning and expanding heart. the expanding inner organ was expressing itself in (involuntarily) movements of the body and preverbal sounds. the mystical experience is not a part of my research. i am just interested in the embodied experience of voice expressing movements of the heart. i don’t know yet if this experience can be shared. so maybe i will offer you just ten minutes of silence and heartbeat.

Costume: Lidia Cankova

dodi helschinger

erratic repetition nr.1
solo for poetic e-guitar

my guitar is my voice. i speak, i moan, i stammer. have something to say. try not to say anything. the bow scrapes over metal like a pen on a piece of paper. you can read me betwixt the strings. repeat myself. clean my throat and start the same sentence all over again. miss. don’t promise. sometimes all that’s left is silence, like an electric crackle from afar.

photo by Iva Tiholova

if interested please send an email to
team (at) impro-per-arts (dot) de
limited number of spots!


21. May 2017
19:00 - 22:00
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team (at) impro-per-arts.de