…it is in principle infinite, open, and unlimited in every direction; it has neither top nor bottom nor center;
it does not assign fixed and mobile elements but rather distributes a continuous variation …
Deleuze/Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus
I’m longing for body being a smooth territory. Yes, it may contain traces of utopia. But it is not my concern to exoticize the smooth body as a kind of primordial state. I’m interested in the dynamics between the smooth & striated body, as “the two in fact exist only in mixture: smooth space is constantly being translated, transversed into a striated space; striated space is constantly being reversed, returned to a smooth space.” (A Thousand Plateaus, The Smooth and the Striated). So I’m searching for these states, in which my body is returning to a smooth territory. I’m cartographer who secretly wishes to loose her map and to start again with the endless white areas. With bones, skin, organs, hairs, blood, mucus being entangled textures, constantly entering into new relationships with each other.

I have a desire for composition being a smooth territory. For returning to uncharted space. The pulsation of the blood, the rhythm of breath are ripples, but where are the ripples? They are no-where.

An environment consist of all the textures felted, matted, mixed, smoothed. It is not a container, it is a thick mixture of materials in motion. It has a quality of touch, oozing, soaking through: skin through air, bone through bone, gaze through skin, air through lungs, sound through tissue.

monochrome #1

a solo performance in the scope of Imprevú performance series
26 July 2016 | 20:00 | Mime Centrum Berlin
Monochrome is a sketch, reducing the colors and focusing on texture, volume and chiaroscuro.
I am exploring body as a smooth territory: A kind of uncharted space, like an ocean or a desert, rippled by pulsation and endlessly open. The main tool to navigate there is the sound of my voice.
I am exploring the sound of voice as a smooth territory: Without melodic lines and harmonic planes, but rippled by textures and pulsating rhythms. There are endless feedback loops between the textures of the body and textures of the sound.
What I am doing is a rough sketch. Monochrome and unfinished.
concept & performance – jagna anderson
vocal coaching – ulrike sowodniok